Our poor night guy / webmaster J.P. isn't the cleanest guy.  He typically wears sandals to work and enjoys walking around the office in his bare feet.  His appearance often resembles a disheveled homeless man if that man shopped in the business casual section at Target.  This week, J.P.'s questionable hygiene has taken a drastic turn for the worse.

Last Wednesday, J.P. was informed by the landlord of his Downtown Billings apartment that his shower required maintenance and, as a result, he wouldn't be able to shower until Saturday.  After three days without bathing, the sweet smell of J.P.'s success began to waft into the Hawk studios.  Luckily, it would all be over on Saturday.

Or so we thought.  Much to his chagrin, and ours, J.P. went home today only to discover that his shower had been completely removed from his apartment.  He was given an "indefinite" timeline on the latest round of repairs.

Sadly, we are all victims in this saga.  J.P.'s show is likely to sound worse than usual this week as he contends with the offensive odors emanating from his body.  Meanwhile, we will likely suffer from a shortness of breath as we battle the overwhelming stench of pits, with a subtle hint of balls and ass that continues to permeate in the studio.