Let's face it, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke.  ABBA is in the Hall.  Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Miller, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Jethro Tull, Bon Jovi, Motorhead, Doobie Brothers, The Cars, Journey, Dire Straights, Pantera, Bad Company are not.  And that's just the short list.  ABBA?  Really?

While so many bonafide rock legends still wait for the enshrinement they rightfully deserve, there is hope for several worthy acts this year.  Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the "nominees" for their 2014 Induction Ceremony.  Let's took a look at each of these groups and handicap their odds of making the cut.

First, the shoe-ins.   Nirvana is a lock to make it in.  Love 'em or hate 'em, their influence is undeniable.  Let's only hope that Courtney Love doesn't turn the evening into another public cry for help.  Must to the chagrin of hard rock purists, rap pioneers LL Cool J and NWA are sure to be enshrined as well. Peter Gabriel is another critically acclaimed artist who's likely to make the cut.  His genre bending catalog of work certainly merits music's highest honor.

It's safe to assume the Hall will also include at least one pop act.  Among the pop artists on the ballot this year are the disco group Chic, Hall and Oates and Linda Ronstadt.  My money's on Linda Ronstadt.  Her connection to 70's songwriters like Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and The Eagles will be enough to put her over the top.  And don't be surprised if Cat Stevens makes it in too, if for no other reason than to trump up some controversy.

You can also bet that the elitist critics who decide the inductees will select a token underground alternative/new wave band in an effort to preserve their hipster cred.  My pick is here is the Replacements.

Which leaves us with three bands that should have been inducted long ago: KISS, Deep Purple and Yes.  Frankly, the fact that these bands aren't already in the Hall of Fame is a testament to the arbitrary, asinine standards for enshrinement.  My hunch is Deep Purple will finally get their just due this year.  After being passed over last year, it's their turn.

Which sets up KISS for their inevitable induction next year.  As moronic as the voters are, the Hall is smart enough to realize that they can't ignore the overwhelming public support for these groups.  They learned that lesson last year when the desperate, persistent cries for Rush were eventually answered.

Of course, rockers do have a say in this process.  If you want to support your favorite band on the ballot, here's the link for this year's fan vote.