With a career tackling the page, the stage, film, and music, Woody Allen’s career has lasted more than half a century, with much of his work becoming iconic and legendary in their own way. From the groundbreaking ‘Annie Hall’ to the more recent ‘Midnight In Paris’, Allen’s work has made him a staple in Hollywood – a place he is not shy about  admitting he doesn’t care for.

While each of his films hold a certain amount of quirk and eccentricities, they all share the same ability to help us look at the world through his eyes.  There's a lot we can learn from Woody Allen and his films, here are a few of the biggest lessons.

Looks Aren’t Important, As Long As You’re Funny

“I'm short enough and ugly enough to succeed on my own.” - W. Allen

Comedians get women. Why? Perhaps it’s their honesty, or the sheer confidence they exude from stepping out onto a stage despite the risk of blank stares, boo’s and even the occasional heckle. Either way, most comedians find their humor getting them into and out of a lot of unusual situations – not all of them bad. So if you’re ugly, fear not because you can still count on your wits. And if you’re ugly and not funny…Well, sorry.

Neurosis & Social Awkwardness Are Endearing

If there’s one thing that Woody Allen is, it’s neurotic. Still, there’s something unusually delightful about that. It’s because of guys like him that we now realize that neurosis and social awkwardness isn’t the end of the world. Some girls actually like it? We're floored, too, but the data doesn't lie.

Feeling That Mankind Is Doomed Is A Total Turn On For Women

We don’t exactly know why this is true, but it is. Feeling the inevitable demise of mankind incessantly barking outside your door appears to be an aggressive turn on for the opposite sex. Allen’s love for the film ‘The Denial of Death’ in ‘Annie Hall’ got him Diane Keaton – and we’re guessing it also didn’t hurt in real life. So if you find yourself full of life and joyful about the prospects that the future might hold, STOP IT. You want to get girls right? Stop being such a happy-go-lucky guy.

Insecurity Really Isn’t So Uncommon

Thanks to Woody Allen we can now rest easy knowing we aren’t the only ones who are deathly insecure, or painfully awkward. You’d think that a successful comedy and film career would give anyone a big head, but not Woody. He’s still as insecure as ever. So if he lacks confidence and and is uncertain of his abilities, maybe it’s okay that we are too.

Love Is Not Overrated

If all else fails, there is always love – hopefully, or at least the pursuit of love. “Love Is All You Need” is perhaps the most overused sentiment of all time (with YOLO coming in at a close second), but most overused phrases are such because they are true – and Woody Allen has proven that. This guy loves to love, paying no matter to ageor family relation.

New York Has Character

“I don’t want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light,” said Allen in ‘Annie Hall,’ regarding his opinion of Los Angeles. Most of his films are love letters to what is, arguably, the greatest city in the world: New York. In most of his films, the Big Apple itself acts as character. Yes, that character is often dirty, grimy and filled with anger and urine-splashed sidewalks, but love is blind, friends.

Women Love Introspective Men

Thinking about more than what is in your email, Justin Bieber’s tour schedule and how to gain more Twitter followers proves to be a necessity for human growth. What is the point of it all? Who am I really? Some self-analysis every now and then allows one to fulfill a happy life. It’s worked for Wood Allen, kind of. We think he’s happy? Maybe?

Women Are Complicated

You might have known this already, but Woody Allen is of the opinion that women are complicated – especially when you decide to sleep with, date and then wed your ex-wife’s adopted daughter. So try to keep it simple, fellas. Trying to understand one woman is hard enough.

It Pays To Be Quirky

Woody Allen’s got the cash -- we can’t deny that it helps. He's also proof, though, that the weird idiosyncrasies, quirks and social phobias you might have can often work out in your favor. But don’t quote us on that – it might just be the money.

Do Your Own Thing

Woody Allen has always been famous for doing his own thing, and not really following the rules. He doesn’t often attend the Academy Awards (even when he’s nominated) because he plays music on Sunday nights in New York. There’s something awfully cool about a guy who walks to the beat of his own drum – especially when he succeeds. And Woody definitely has.