Who doesn’t like free money? In May we’re giving you a chance at a share of over $50,000.

Beginning tomorrow on 103.7 The Hawk you’ll have two chances to win cash! Twice a day we’ll play the Q-2-Call and if you’re the 25th nationwide caller, you will win $1,000 from Big Sky Steel and Salvage on 103.7 The Hawk.

You’ll want to keep this number handy – 877-854-WINS. That’s 877-854-94-67.

And if you’re a 103.7 The Hawk VIP member you can register to win $10,000. Go to 1037thehawk.com and click “Use Points” to use your points to sign up to win $10,000. If you haven’t logged in to 103.7 The Hawk VIP before, you can register here. A winner will be announced on June 3rd.

And as they say, there’s more…being a Newsradio 95 VIP means you can get the exact times the Q-2-Call will play each weekday! Thus improving your odds at winning cash in May from Newsradio 95.

Good Luck! And thanks for listening.