And now for the most ridiculous thing you'll read all day long.  The Songwriter's Hall of Fame just announced their inductees for the Class of 2014 and Led Zeppelin wasn't good enough to make it.  Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were among the "nominees" who didn't make the cut.

Finally, a music organization that's even dumber than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  With all due respect to the inductees who were voted in this year, Page and Plant should have been inducted the first year the Songwriter's Hall of Fame opened.  The fact that they were nominated but not enshrined is mind boggling.  How does Zeppelin not get enough votes?  I demand a recount.

And frankly, I could care less about the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.  There are way too many awards shows and ceremonies as it is.  Surely, Zeppelin's legacy doesn't rely on any outside organization.  They're already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They've got a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and they were the recipients of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors in 2012.   For me, it's more about the principle.  If Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are nominated, they get in.  That's just how it works.  No exceptions.

You can't NOT vote for Page and Plant.  Especially when Steven Tyler and Joe Perry got voted into the same Hall of Fame last year along with Mick Jones and Lou Gramm from Foreigner.  Of course Aerosmith and Foreigner both have excellent catalogs, but those guys aren't even in Zeppelin's league.  Shame on you, Songwriter's Hall of Fame.  You're dead to me.