Okay, let’s set aside the foolishness of April Fool’s Day and get back to business by voting for Babe of the Week.

If we were to pick an overall theme to describe this lot of girls, we’d probably say that each and every one of them could easily make the Pope forget his religious vows, if only for a split second.

Seriously, just check ‘em out for yourself. We’ve got Bacardi Girl Nicole Craner, Playboy Cyber Girl Kali Ann Mass, bikini fitness competitor Melanie Tillbrook, and webcam model Danni Gee. Not to mention there’s also the hottie from Chris Daughtry’s ‘Home’ video Katy Ann, modeling entrepreneur Heather Doss, and smokin’-hot college student Jenny Jayne.

Click on each Babe of the Day to browse and drool over their photo galleries.

Nicole Craner

Kali Ann Mass

Melanie Tillbrook

Danni Gee

Katy Ann

Heather Doss

Jenny Jayne

Here’s the deal: At the end of the week, each Babe of the Day will compete for your votes and the winner will become Babe of the Week. Each week’s winner will then face off to become Babe of the Month, and those winners will then duke it out for – you guessed it – the Babe of the Year title. Only those lucky ladies will be inducted into GuySpeed’s Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the hottest of babes.