I see that this is the week, back in 1978, that "The Blues Brothers" movie was released. I love that movie. They got some radio airplay with their version of Sam & Dave's "Soul Man," and "Rubber Biscuit."

And the movie had several elements that I liked as well. Good music performed by artists we were surprised would appear in a movie and sing. Aretha Franklin actually got a resurgence in her career after being in the movie and singing, "Think."

Ray Charles was incredibly charismatic and was awesome as the owner/proprietor of the music shop.

Thirteen different "Bluesmobiles" were used in the film. And, during that huge chase scene on Lake Avenue, the cars were actually driven 100 mph.

And, although I don't know if it is still true, I heard at one time this movie held the record for most wrecked cars in a movie.

Dan Aykroid was paid twice as much as John Belushi for the file. Akyroyd wrote the screenplay.

I related to this move because of the old-school car chases, great music, and probably mostly to the scene where Joliet Jakes' ex-girlfriend shoots a bazooka at him. I've made old girlfriends this mad before.

The movie made $115 million.