Just this morning we were wondering about how best to get Samuel L. Jackson onto Marvel's upcoming 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV series, where now it seems the prolific actor has his eye on another TV gig. As part of an ongoing Alzheimer's' charity drive, Jackson recorded himself doing one of Walter White's most famous 'Breaking Bad' monologues, and the results are at least 99% chemically pure.

We never thought we'd live to see a monologue throwdown between Bryan Cranston and Samuel L. Jackson, but Jackson's work, raising money from donations to the Alzheimer's Association, has yielded exactly that. Jackson recently performed his second fan-chosen monologue, none other than Walter White's infamous "I am the one who knocks" speech from 'Breaking Bad' season 4.

It's highly entertaining to be certain, though we cant deny our wish for some actual new 'Breaking Bad' footage in advance of the final season's August 11 premiere. If nothing else, Bryan Cranston himself responded over Twitter that Jackson's work would soon receive the same treatment as payback. Ezekiel 25:17, anyone?

It's all in good fun, so check out Samuel L. Jackson's rendition of 'Breaking Bad''s most famous lines above, and donate to Sam's cause to help choose his next monologue!

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