Classic Vinyl: Captain Beyond [AUDIO]
Captain Beyond was a rock band with progressive influences that formed in Los Angeles, California in 1971.  The original lineup included members of Deep Purple, Iron Butter, Rick Derringer and Johnny Winter, which resulted in a great self-titled album released in 1972.
Classic Vinyl: Blind Faith [AUDIO]
Blind Faith were one of classic rock's first "Supergroups," and consisted of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood and Ric Grech.  In fact, some people even referred to the band as "super Cream." Their only self-titled album not only hit the #1 spot for Pop Album in both the…
Classic Vinyl: Black Sabbath, “Born Again” [AUDIO]
Sam Talkington has shown us a lot of cool album covers since we started collecting Classic Vinyls, so now it's time for an ugly one. Steve Joule is the one responsible for the horrendous album cover of Black Sabbath's "Born Again", the band's 11th studio album releas…
Billings’ Best Jingles – Our Top 5
Alright, we know some people might feel like changing the dial on their radio when they hear commercials.  BUT DON'T!   If you did that all the time, you'd miss out on the awesome jingles! We've put together a list of some of our favorite local business jingles that you…
Classic Vinyl: Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” [AUDIO]
School's Out is the fifth studio album by Alice Cooper, and was released in 1972.  You can still hear the title track on many radio stations today, but you certainly won't find an album cover like this on anymore.  The album sleeve, created to look like a school desk, had a littl…
Classic Vinyl: Steppenwolf Live
Steppenwolf Live was one of five live albums released by Steppenwolf.  Released in 1970, the album reached #7 on the rock charts in the United States,  and included popular songs like "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Born To Be Wild."

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