What's Up With John Cena's Hair?
John Cena has been making the press round lately for his new movie, "Playing With Fire". The movie has been getting lackluster reviews, but the more important question Cena fans are wondering is, what the heck is up with his hair?
Axl Rose Biffs it in Las Vegas
Axl Rose gave fans a bit of a scare on Friday when he suddenly collapsed on-stage during the GNR "Not In This Lifetime... Tour" at Ceasars Palace. You can see the clip, posted by a fan here.
I'm Pissed
Tom Petty Dead at age 66.  I'll come back to that.  What the hell is wrong in this world?  50+ people killed in Las Vegas and 500+ hurt from some A**hole, who opened fire from the 32 floor in a hotel looking over a music gathering.  That story is the I woke up to this mornin…

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