Is it My Neighbors?
So, what are these? Strange fish on Lake Elmo? Scat from Jack-a-lope? Nope, these are the dreaded helicopter leaves from trees in your neighborhood.
I can see the special agent, driving the hummer on North Broadway.
Sweeping the Floor
My wife and I have talked about how back in the old days, instead of sweeping, her mom would let the kids pull each other on a blanket on the floor.
Lunch During School Hours
Note to self....DO NOT go down Grand Avenue at 11:40 am during lunch hour for high school students!  I pulled into a local drive through at that time only to be stuck behind the raging hormones and cell phones.  The car directly in front of me had three young ladies waiting for their food.…
College Drivers
My wife and I made the trip to Moscow, Idaho this weekend to visit my daughter at the University of Idaho.  I like Idaho, I've made a few trips out there to see her.  This time of year is spectacular with the changing colors.  Every time I cross the border from Montana, I notice …
Yes, I know, it's that time of year.  It is actually my favorite time of year until I have to rake the leaves.  I did that all day Sunday and will continue to do that until the snow flies.  I'm old school in leaf raking.  I grab a rake, push them to a pile and then take…
Jeff Terrified at First Day of School
Why are they taking my picture?  How come I'm not home playing with my bike?  What is my dog Buddy going to do all day without me?  Why did mom button my shirt all the way to the top?!!  Does Grandpa know I'm being held hostage in the brick building...
Stupid Button
You are looking west on 1st Avenue North at North 27th.  This has become my new place to hang out during some down time at work.  This vantage point gives you a great view of the impatience and stupidity of drivers.  If you haven't noticed, we have new traffic lights going in, wh…
Break From the Heat
It is quite possible that we could have a break from the heat on Wednesday with a high of 79 degrees.  It's only for a day or two but why take advantage of it miss work.  "ya, uh boss, I forgot I have a hearing test at Costco on Wednesday and you what a mad house Costco is on…

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