Science Says This Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. What you might think is beautiful and what I consider beautiful can be completely different. However, using a formula called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, researchers can use science to determine what is considered ultimate beauty.
When Women Fart
Yes, of course they do.  Now I do understand that some dudes believe differently.  But the truth is boys, all of us fart.  It's just that some of us are ladies about it and we don't do it in public.
Me, I've been in radio long enough to understand that there are no windo…
Final Bike Night Draws Near
This Wednesday should be a good party.  Join us at Hudson's Bar and Grill, 2658 Grand Ave., for the final Billings Bike Night of the season.  Someone will walk away with $1,000 dollars from Leo at Red Rock Auto Body in Laurel.  Live music, good food and good times...
Chick Rockers
I don't know how you feel about chicks in rock.  Weather they are fronting the band or playing bass.  Have been lucky enough to work at a couple of different rock stations in my nearly two decades in radio.  And I've found that not all guys like women in their rock…
Rock-N-Roll Memorabilia
I grew up with a brother, no sisters and my father who owned a construction company, so there was always plenty of testosterone in the house.  Naturally I ended up being a tomboy but wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, it's made being in rock radio easier...
'Little Punk Rock Girl'
Sassy and focused is my new favorite thing. This painting is titled "Little Punk Rock Girl." Love the detail in her tattoos and the don't-mess-with-me-look in her eye.
Have not been in town very long but already love local artist Hollie Paris...
The Best of Billings Missed Connections
It's time one again to meet the most romantic people in Billings.  Here comes our monthly roundup of lonely losers looking for love on the Missed Connections page at
5.  Creepy Dude at the Fuddruckers
"I see you all the time and we make eye contact all …

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