Michael Foth

Oreo's Mystery Flavor Revealed
Back in October, my family tried the new mystery flavor from Oreo. At that time our guesses were: graham cracker, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, waffle cone or pumpkin spice. It turns out we were not too far off.
Heroes of the Holiday Season
Not to be confused with hero's like firefighters, service members, etc., the men and women bringing us all the crap we've ordered off the internet are also hero's in my mind. Make sure to tell them thanks!
The ONE Thing You Absolutely Need to Cook Your Turkey
There are countless recipes and tips online for cooking the perfect turkey, but the most important thing of all is: do not serve it under-cooked. I love a medium rare steak, but when it comes to poultry, I don't do rare. And you shouldn't either. Consider getting one of these handy digit…

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