Michael Foth

This explains the weird looks
I've been getting some pretty weird looks from people at stoplights and while driving around town. I finally saw it today at the gas station. My wife's very gender-specific bumper sticker. Now it makes sense.
Big plans for Coulson Park!
Billings Park & Recs Department is kicking around some pretty awesome design concepts for the mostly ignored Coulson Park. I would LOVE to see this happen. Makes a lot more sense to me that Big Sky One World Event Boondoggle that got tossed around a while back.
My kid is applying for his first job.
I've been telling him for months that there is no money in Fortnite. That argument worked pretty well until last weekend when that teenage kid from NJ won $3,000,000 in the first Fortnight World Cup tournament.
Strangest Tourist Oddities Spotted on Vacation
We took the kids to Seattle a few years ago and were enjoying the sights and sounds of Pikes Market, when we came upon this gross gem of tourist "attraction". I use the term attraction loosely, because there is nothing attractive about it.

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