Michael Foth

Do We Have Cockroaches in Montana?
Over the weekend, I saw this post on Facebook, a video that shows what appear to be cockroaches (a lot of them) crawling around underneath a table at the food court in Rimrock Mall. Holy gross.
Science Says This Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. What you might think is beautiful and what I consider beautiful can be completely different. However, using a formula called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, researchers can use science to determine what is considered ultimate beauty.
Clearance Doesn't Always Mean Good Deal
You never know what kind of treasures you can find for a fraction of list price while searching the end-caps at Target or the clearance section at Walmart. Just be careful when it comes to bargain priced candy.
We Tried Oreo’s New Mystery Flavor
Normally, when we pass the Oreo end-cap, there is a 50/50 chance I'll let her talk me into getting a package. This time, I couldn't say no. "Dad, it's a mystery flavor! We HAVE to try them!". Sure, why not.

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