We are only three days away from our first ever Billings Top Shot competition! Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet, you can still register all the way up to Saturday morning.

Don't worry about bringing anything with you either! Townsquare Media and Three Sights Shooting Range will be providing everything you need for the competition. That includes guns, ammunition, and lunch for both Saturday and Sunday are on us!

Click below to find out what kind of challenges await you at Billings Top Shot 2013.

Cigarette Challenge

Shooters will be shooting at 2 cigarettes taped to a target placed at 20 feet. Shooters will get 4 rounds of 40 S&W (to be shot with a Smith & Wesson M&P 40) . Shooters will need to shoot the cigarette completely in half (two pieces). Each ciagarette split will be worth 1 point for a total of 2 possible points. Shooters will get 2 practice rounds to be shot at cigarettes outlined on a target.

Candle Flame Challenge

Shooters will need to shoot the flame off of a candle placed at 10 yards (30
feet). Shooters will get 3 rounds of 40 S&W (to be shot with the Springfield 5.25). Shoot the candle and you get no points. Shoot the flame for one point. Shooters will get 2 practice rounds to shoot at a candle drawn on a target.

Lollipop Challenge

Shooter will be shooting at 6 lollipops placed down range at 25 yards ( 75 feet) for a possible total of 6 points. Shooters will be shooting a Smith & Wesson AR15 with open sights while kneeling and using the bench for stability. Shooters will get 2 rounds to shoot at a zeroing target.

So as you can see our competitors have their work cut out for them this weekend! Does this sound like something you want to participate in?

Get your registration form and full rules right here.