At first, we heard it as a dismissible rumor. Yesterday, the words purportedly came from his own mouth. Today, we have confirmation that 'Community' creator and previously ousted showrunner Dan Harmon has begun talks to return to the perpetually troubled series for season 5! Even then, might Harmon's return bring back series star Chevy Chase as well? Find out inside!

The last few times rumors of 'Community' creator (and recent 'Arrested Development' cameo) Dan Harmon possibly returning to the series for season 5, we didn't want to get our hopes up. And while we'd still advise keeping measured expectations, The Hollywood Reporter has officially confirmed that Harmon has entered preliminary talks with Sony TV to return for 'Community' season 5 in some capacity.

It remains to be seen how precisely Harmon would return, considering he previously turned down the offer for consulting producer when Moses Port and David Guarascio were brought on to replace him, or perhaps if Sony TV would return him to the position of showrunner proper.

When Harmon first said aloud in his podcast recording that Sony and he had begun talks, the creator somewhat jokingly implied that he would only return if departed series star Chevy Chase returned as well, Harmon having famously had public difficulties with the legendary comic star. But hey, if the talks have come this far, could it really prove so farfetched?

What say you? Do you think Dan Harmon will return to 'Community' season 5 after all? What would you like to see befall the Greendale Gang when the new episodes bow at NBC midseason?

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that former 'Community' writer-producer Chris McKenna has also been approached to return alongside Harmon, in what could ostensibly prove the final 13 episodes of 'Community.' Current series showrunners David Port and Moses Guarascio have reportedly opted not to renew their one-year contracts.