I live in a place that has a decent yard, but no room for a real garden. Since I rent, I also have some restrictions about using things like tomato cages or chicken wire to keep the critters out of the few plants I have room for. Yesterday, I had about 3 dozen tomatoes coming along nicely and a few peppers starting to come in. As of this morning, I have nothing.

When I first saw the plants, I thought my neighbor ripped me off. I mean, the plants looked to be in tact, just missing the fruit. Upon closer inspection, it was definitely the neighborhood deer.

When I was a kid, I remember people going to the barber shop to get the hair sweepings to put around their garden. The theory was that if the deer smelled humans, they'd stay away. I might give that a shot, but I thought I'd see if there is a better way since I really don't want to go ask for a bag of hair. Anybody have a suggestion on dealing with these thieves without caging the plants or shooting the deer?

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