October 6 | 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Lucky's Market
1603 Grand Ave #135 , Billings , MT 59102 United States

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Chef Dr. Mike  is unique in his background and philosophy, and by combining modern scientific studies from a variety of disciplines with the ancient ritual of the true first chefs and healers—the shamans—he is able to impart upon us that our diets go well beyond basic nutrition. Through the results of medical and scientific studies, his latest book, FOOD SHAMAN: The Art of Quantum Food lays out the links between the modern Western diet and disability and diseases, the connections between our senses and our health (specifically smell and taste,) and provides guidance on how to lead a better, healthier, more fulfilling life through mindfulness and the seeming long-forgotten art of experience. Just a few of the shocking correlations between our health and the effect on our psyche, environment, economy, etc. and some stunning stats that he could speak to, are:


  • The link between depression & cardiovascular health. Depression accounts for roughly 15% of cardiovascular deaths, comparable to the other risk factors like obesity, smoking, and cholesterol levels
  • The importance of gut health for diet, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, congenital heart disease, and many others. Within the last decade there is a rapidly growing body of evidence that disorders of the bowel are at the center of the explosion of the disabilities and diseases associated with the modern Western diet, including cardiovascular disease, which is the #1 killer of both men & women in the U.S. & many other industrialized countries.
  • What a poor diets really costs. Not only in healthcare, but also in quality of life.
  • The biological connection between food & sex. It’s not all just oysters and chocolate!
  • In the last 50-75 years we have altered our food and food pathways to such a degree that 60% of the modern diet consists of ultra-processed food.
  • A murine study found smell receptors involved in muscle recovery. In fact, because muscle cells need to smell where to go during muscle regeneration when muscle cells are extensively fusing, some experts speculate that genetic disease states like muscular dystrophy might be because our muscle cells don’t smell correctly.
  • A group of infants born with cyanotic congenital heart disease were given a specified probiotic cocktail. Those who received the beneficial gut bacteria had an over 35% reduction in death.

He also extensively discusses, with the backing of scientific research, the intricacies of processed foods and their effects on our bodies, how to source quality food, his thoughts on probiotics, and so much more.


Ultimately there is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits all approach to a truly healthy lifestyle - it is messy and complicated and requires our participation - but Chef Dr. Mike says that while it’s part of the frustration, it’s also part of the beauty of life. So in his own words, “Taste the food, embrace the flavor, savor the moment, and experience the mindful benefits.”

Lunch & Learn, Book Signing//FREE & open to the public - Reservations Required/Limited Seating

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