Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Finny
We're featuring a puppy this week for Wet Nose Wednesday. This is Finny, and he's a 10 week old Heeler Mix. You're about to fall in love with this little guy.
Free Fly Fishing Classes This Month in Laurel
I've always secretly poked fun of those fly fishermen, with all of their goofy gear, special lines, tiny little fake bugs made out of deer hair, $600 waders, etc. It turns out I'm just jealous. If you've always wanted to give fly fishing a try, check out these free classes this month …
Beyond Bozeman- Billings Great for High Tech
We think of Billings, Montana as a retail destination. We also know that Billings is Montana's largest "city" with diversified, recession-proof economy. Billings is also a destination for health care, finance, agriculture, oil, gas, sports and entertainment. But when we say high tech…

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