Nothing says "father's day" like fishing. The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks understand that father's day is all about spending time with Dad. That is why they are allowing anyone who wants to fish in Montana, to do so without a license. That's right, you and your "ol'man" can partake in the traditional father's day past time of attempting to catch a fish....FOR FREE!

According to the Official 2021 Fishing Regulations on the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website

Free Fishing Weekend Father’s Day June 19-20, 2021.

By Montana law, each year on Father’s Day weekend any person (resident or nonresident) may fish for any fish within this state without obtaining a fishing license as long as they abide by the seasons, restrictions and bag limits listed in these Fishing Regulations. The two exceptions to this are Paddlefish and Bull Trout fishing, both of which require the purchase of a Conservation, Fishing, and AIS Prevention Licenses. Fishing for Paddlefish also requires a Paddlefish tag. A catch card is required to fish for Bull Trout.

Other notable fishing license exceptions include:

Veterans Administration Patients: Permits are available for patients residing at VA Hospitals and residents of State institutions, except the State penitentiary. These free permits are available on-site at the VA Hospital or State institution. Contact Enforcement 406-444-2452.

Legion of Valor: A Conservation License allows both residents and nonresidents, regardless of age, to fish. Legion of Valor membership card required to qualify. Available only at FWP offices.

Purple Heart: Residents who have been awarded a Purple Heart, regardless of age, may fish and hunt upland game birds with a Conservation License issued by the Department.

All fishing regulation apply, so make sure to "know before you go" and study up on the 2021 Montana fishing regulations before you hit the water.

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