Chicken wings are one of those foods that just about everyone likes. They're kind of like pizza... even when they're "bad" they're still pretty good. I think one of the great things about chicken wings is that you can get them in 100's of different flavors. From sweet and sticky to scorch-you-brains-out hot, there are so many different ways they can be seasoned. Some people like their wings "wet" (fried, then doused in the sauce of their choice) while others - like me - prefer them "dry" (seasoned and fried). Many Montanan's seem to prefer ranch dressing as their first choice of wing dip, with blue cheese a close second.

The National Chicken Council said Americans consumed 1.4 BILLION chicken wings during Super Bowl LIV this year. WYRK in Buffalo, NY (the birthplace of buffalo wings) claims that we'll consume 18,000 wings per-person in a lifetime. That number seems a little high to me. I guess I'll need to step up my game to help achieve those figures. Wing lovers will often debate which is better: the actual little wing tips (my favorite) or the drummies.

Credit: Albertsons

These type of bake-at-home wings will do in a pinch. However, in my personal experience, to make decent wings at home you'll really need a deep fat fryer. Wings should have a crisp skin and/or breading and hot oil does it best. The internet is full of hundreds of wing recipes. Here are 30+ to get you started. I've heard of home cooks getting great wing results with their air fryers too, but I can't confirm because I don't have an air fryer.

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