Having a few friends over for Halloween this weekend?  Maybe your going to drink and hand out candy this year.  Every great party, even if your having your own party at home.  Starts with a good drink.

Bartended my way through college, both times.  These videos are worth a peek.  Even if your a former bartender too.  People are always coming up with new and different drinks.

For the beer drinkers, the pumpkin cooler!  The shots video is great too, lots of shots that look hard to make but are really simple.  Oh, and if your throwing the party Halloween Jungle Juice


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    This video will show you more than one shot you can make for your Halloween party.

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    Halloween Jungle Juice

    If your throwing a party, you've gotta try this stuff.

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    Pumkin Beer Cooler

    For the beer drinkers, I love this thing!