I saw this picture a while back of a larger man eating a cheeseburger at a race that had nearly every fast food logo you could think of tattooed on his body. It floated around Facebook for awhile so maybe you saw it, too.

At some point, maybe this year, I would like to get a tattoo. However, I can't decide what I would want to get. I'm into a lot of things, like biker stuff, tribal stuff and, of course, radio stuff. It's hard for me to decide, though, just for the simple fact that it's permanent and what if I want a change it in the future?

What if someone paid you for life to put their logo on you? Would that make a difference? Not for me. Just saying.

Louisville's Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets is offering 20 percent lifetime discounts to anyone who tattoos their logo on their body. The company posted to Facebook: "Fine print: tattoo must be visible and not in a 'private' area and at least one inch square in size. Let's see what you're made of, Louisville!"

Some people are unsuccessfully applying for the discount with temporary tattoos.

Do you know anyone who has gotten a tattoo because they lost a bet or accepted a dare?  Holla at the Cat and tell me about it. 406-248-5665