'Tis the season of money. Whether you're getting it or giving it. I'm talking about tax season friends.

It's a dreadful time of year for most and I don't blame anyone for that. Gathering up all those receipts and hoping for the best from your W-2 and whatever other government document you may have to use that I have no idea about.

All this only to find out in the end, you must pay more to live in this great country of ours.

It can be a very painful experience.

What if there was another way to take care of what you need to? Money that was there that has just been waiting for you to claim it?

I have often wondered if there was anything like that out there waiting for me only to find out there is a really simple way to find out.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators or NAUPA can help you find out if there is anything due to you and best of all it's free to start. You simply click on Montana and go from there.

Can you imagine if there was a nice chunk of change on hand for you? What would you do with it if it where there?

I could think of a few nice things I'd like to do. First and foremost, get a nice down payment on a house here in Billings.

Might as well check it out and see if there is anything for you.