Just recently I decided to vent my frustrations with people being able to reserve Montana campsites 6 months in advance. In my "Open Letter," I discussed how times have changed so drastically that local people are no longer able to go camping without planning a trip far ahead of time. With websites like reserveamerica.com, popular Montana campgrounds are being sold out in minutes. It is almost as bad as trying to get tickets to a popular concert.

Thankfully, there is help for those of us who missed our chance to claim a campsite.

Montana is not the only place that is suffering from the lack of available campsites. It is happening all over the country. Including our friends up north in Canada.

Shortly after I aired my grievance about the lack of campsite vacancies, I received an email from a man named Eric. He found himself having a similar issue with reserving a campsite.

Eric wrote:

My friend had a similar problem up here in Canada. Everything was sold-out, so his wife hit Refresh on the booking site hoping to find a cancelation. She eventually managed to find a new opening.
This led my friend to build a tool to automate searching. We later released it under the name Campnab.
Campnab is a tool that may give you the edge you need to snag a campsite this summer. It basically saves you the trouble of having to click "refresh" 24 hours a day on your computer, hoping you will catch an opening. Prices vary depending on how many scans and how often you want it to hit the "refresh" button.

This fancy new tool does not guarantee you will get a campsite. And, it doesn't work for every campground in Montana (coming soon.) But, it sure will help a little in your quest to claim a spot.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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