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All Aboard For An Incredible Adventure

I found a way to hop on an Amtrak train in Havre and see 14 states in about a week.  Now, keep in mind, this isn't staying in any of the transfer towns.  It's about a week on trains.  How cool is that?

If you like this trip idea, it would be easy to add a night or 2 layover at certain stops.

Here's The Trip:

Havre, Montana to Chicago, Illinois

Getty Images
Getty Images

You're on the train for about 26 hours and you go through 4 states: North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

In a sleeping car, priced for one person, this leg of the trip runs about $600.  For coach, it's about $150.  (I'll detail everything that comes with a sleeping car after the legs of the trip.)

Chicago, Illinois to Sacramento, California

You'll be on the train on this leg of the trip for just over 50 hours.  You'll hit 6 different states on this leg: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

In a sleeping car, priced for one person, this leg of the trip runs around $750. For a coach seat, around $140.

Amtrak train in California
Getty Images

Sacramento, California to Havre, Montana

You'll be on this leg of the trip for just over 36 hours, and you have to transfer trains in Portland, Oregon.  You'll go hit 4 states on this leg: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

In a Sleeping car, priced for one person, this leg of the trip will run you around $750. For coach, around $150.

Amtrak Train

Staycation more your thing? What about this train trip to Glacier Park?

You Should Really Get A Sleeping Car

The benefits of even the smallest sleeping car, a roomette, are huge.  It's considered first class if you're on a sleeping car on a train.  It doesn't matter how big your room is.  Here are the benefits:

  • Privacy and a really big window
  • Private seats
  • Actual beds and turn-down service
  • Complimentary meals and lounge access
  • Priority boarding
  • Fresh towels and linens
  • Access to private restroom and shower (sometimes even in your car)
  • Dedicated sleeping car attendant

I've travelled on trains a bit, in both business class and sleeper cars.  If this is your vacation, go the extra for the sleeping car.  It's nice to be first class.  Treat yourself.

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