Montana hasn't seen a lot of great news this past year when it comes to the economy and the cost of things. We've seen high home prices. We've seen high prices with inflation on the cost of gas and groceries. With the holiday season coming up, there is some good news on the horizon for Montanans.

Good News in Montana For The Thanksgiving

The price of gas has been dropping recently and it looks like it will continue to drop in time for the Thanksgiving holiday travel plans. Grocery prices have also dropped some too. The average cost of a Thanksgiving meal will be less this year than it was last year.

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Montana Is One of Cheapest States for Thanksgiving

According to the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner this year will be $61.17, down from last years $64.05  This is for a meal for 10 people. Montana also ranks as one of the cheapest states to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. According to Purdue University's Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability, in 2022 Montana was one of the least expensive states for a holiday meal for 12 people costing, $74.38. The cheapest state in the nation last year was Georgia at $70.39, with the most expensive being Hawaii at $96.77.

Safe Travels Montana,  Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday

Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday be very busy this year. According to AAA, they are expecting over 55 million people will travel over the holiday, the third highest number since 2000. Be safe on the roads. Keep an eye on the forecast for weather updates for traveling over the holiday. We are hoping you have a happy Thanksgiving however and wherever you choose to celebrate.

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