Put your thinking caps on because it's time to hit the books and test your Montana knowledge.

The website Sporcle, in case you haven't heard of it, is "A World of Quizzes." There are all sorts of quizzes you can take - Most Passing Yards in NFL History, U.S. Capitals, The Original 151 Pokemon, etc.

I've published a few articles quizzing Montanans on their home state or something related to it. See below:

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Now it's time to play the "Missing Word: A Montana A-Z" quiz. The rules are simple. There's an answer for every letter between 'A' and 'Z,' minus clues for 'X' and 'Z.' Every letter has a coinciding hint that you have to fill in the blank of. For example, let's look at 'G.' The hint is...

_______ National Park

The answer has to start with 'G,' so this should be fairly obvious. It's Glacier National Park.

You've got four minutes to finish the quiz. I took the quiz and recorded a 19/24 (79%). Although I randomly guessed on a couple of answers and accidentally spelt a different guess incorrectly, so it wasn't the smoothest of operations on my part.

The quiz creator didn't include an answer for 'Z,' but they could've asked "What's the nickname for Missoula?"

The answer: Zootown.

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Anyway, see if you can beat my 79% and let me know your score. The quiz is embedded below.


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