Out-of-staters have their assumptions about Montana. Thanks in large part to the show Yellowstone, I'm sure people think we're a bunch of gun-wielding, manipulative ranchers and cowboys. This is just not true at all... we're not manipulative!

A person from England, bloody 'ell, 'ello there, asked the Montana subreddit page what Montana is like in real life.

Hi guys. I live in England , and whilst I have visited USA a few times it has only been a few major cities that are common for tourists to go to. I’m currently on the latest season of Yellowstone and whilst I know it has its own story line, what cultural and societal representations are correct? What are the people like?

Thank you in advance for satisfying my curiosity. -r/tangerrinee

So what is Montana really like? How would you describe it? Some folks on Reddit took to the page to describe it themselves. Here are some of the best responses below.

"Half the state is full of beautiful mountain ranges. The other half is somewhat flat and unassuming," according to u/Mission_spray. "ALL of Montana had a drinking problem. Well, drinking and driving problem to be more precise."


Maybe not everyone, but we sure do love our beer in Montana.

Another Montanan (u/Dirt-McGirt-) said "Weather, that's what MT is like, there's snow and wind and rain and cold. And sometimes we get some Sun. Oh and forest fire season."

Another response attacks Yellowstone's depiction.

"Yellowstone is a Soap Opera... Yellowstone is a very entertaining show, it's total fantasy and none of it represents MT as a State or the people that live here," said u/Substantial_Pace9900.

A different response cites Yellowstone getting one thing right.

The only thing Yellowstone captures accurately about Montana is the sheer beauty of the landscape, and a microscopic look into some of the everyday functions of a working ranch. -jank7717

A fourth-generation Montanan, u/mt8675309, says "we're a strange bunch, polite and helpful, but a touch of reclusiveness in us. Many of us are not happy with the new migration of people moving here because it's changed Montana's personality."

This articulate response goes on for some length, all great stuff. "We like to spend time in the mountains and on the prairies to clear our heads of all this madness in this crazy world... We drive 4x4 pickups with two loyal heelers by our side, best damn burglar alarm on the market... We're a politically divided bunch that try to keep our opinions to ourselves."

Wow, what a response! This Montanan needs a book deal.

A few other responses I thought were telling:

"Lots of isolation + fierce independence + chronic low Vit D in the population + rampant poverty = highest suicide rate in America here... To be fair, sometimes Alaska or Wyoming has a higher suicide rate."

"We drive long distances on s**t roads to work to scratch out a living so we can survive the 6 month long winter just so the long awaited for summer can arrive."

Lots of great responses. How would you describe what Montana is actually like?

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