Soda or pop? How do you say it? Some of you probably dodge the debate altogether and just call it "soda pop." Kind of like saying pickup truck instead of pickup or truck.

As a kid in Northeast Montana, we always said pop.

Here's my argument: soda is the soda water that is the basis of the beverage, but then you add syrup to it and it becomes pop. That may be Coke, Sprite, or Pepsi- you name it. Unless you grew up in parts of the South and then you just call everything "a coke."

I asked around to some of our friends at the radio stations and there was a mixed response on who calls it soda and pop.

That was the debate that came to mind as I was watching Tucker Carlson's Tuesday night show on Fox News. Tucker interviewed the founder of "True Medicine" named Cally Means who used to work for Coca Cola as a consultant.

Tucker Carlson: His job was to ensure that sugar taxes fail and that soda was included in food stamp funding- so poor people could have all the soda they needed, and you could pay for it. Cally Means says that Coca Cola paid the NAACP and other civil rights groups to brand opponents of that plan as racist.

No matter what you call it, I think we can all agree that drinking too much pop...err whatever- is not that healthy. But is it racist to say that?

Here's the video:



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