Can House Republicans really bring a stop to the overreaching "Waters of the US" (WOTUS) regulations that have farmers and ranchers up in arms? Yes, but they're going to need ONE vote in the United States Senate to crossover.

We caught up with Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01) ahead of an expected Thursday vote in the US House of Representatives where Congressional Republicans are expected to reject WOTUS.

Rep. Zinke: The House is putting a resolution forward to disband, defund, and get rid of the Biden administration's rule on Waters of the US. Look- we need one senator, one Democrat Senator, to stand with us and say you know what- Montana is important. We're hoping we have one Democrat Senator, whether it is Senator Tester (D-MT) or Manchin (D-WV), someone step to the plate and go- enough's enough.

What is Waters of the US? Montana farmers and ranchers, through groups like the Montana Stockgrowers and Montana Farm Bureau, have raised objections that the regulations would apply new regulations targeting intermittent streams or tiny sections of water that aren't even on the land throughout the year. It is considered a massive overreach compared to the initial intent of regulating "navigable" rivers.

Rep. Zinke: If the federal government has jurisdiction over intermittent streams, and cow ponds, and vernal pools- seasonal mud puddles that fill up- they'll be in everyone's back yard. And I can tell you it's not going to work in Montana. The federal government needs to stay in they're box. Water in Montana is for fighting, whiskey's for drinkin. So this is something that's in the best interest of Montana.

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