So a couple of weeks ago was my 29th birthday, and my wonderful fellow employees invited me to a lunch with them at Fancy Sushi. Everything was going great until four of us jumped into an elevator at our offices to head out. At about somewhere between floor 21 and 20 our elevator came to a stuttering, and frightening halt. Two minutes later we released our collective breath when we realized we hadn't quite plummeted to our ultimate demise.

Then came the waiting, which as it turns out is almost as bad as thinking you're going to plummet to your death! I have never really thought of myself as a claustrophobic person. That all changed on the day I got trapped in an elevator with three other people. And after a quick glance around the group it was obvious that I wasn't the only one that had come to a similar conclusion.

We quickly decided that we should contact the front desk before one of us came to the inevitable conclusion that the rest of us needed to die so as to preserve what air was left in the cramped compartment. Speaking of cramped, for a space that is supposed to max out at 20 people, I'll never get in another elevator with more than two other people ever again!

Luckily this whole story has a happy ending and we all walked away from the experience alive and in no need to apologize for trying to strangle anyone out of fear and desperation. Kudos to the Maintenance staff for identifying our elevator and resolving the issue so quickly! Seriously, their speed was of the essence, because up to that point the only thing I had consumed that day was a very large iced coffee. You don't want to know what fear and adrenaline can do to your body! I could have walked away from this never being able to look my co-workers in the face ever again!