This week, Time magazine released an article ranking Kit Kat as the most influential candy bar in the world.  The controversial survey has left many chocolate lovers saying, "Gimme a Break".

Time claims their rankings were based on "interviews with candy experts and historians".  The article doesn't specify which experts and historians were interviewed, or how many.  The so called survey also neglects to list how many candy cars were considered or any criteria on which the rankings were based.

The author credits Kit Kat for being "the first candy bar to be marketed around sharing".  While that may be true, it's not the most popular candy bar in the world.  In fact, recent statistics show that Kit Kat is the 10th highest selling candy bar.  And although they're good, Kit Kats aren't the best.  That's a no brainer.  Almond Joy is, obviously, the best tasting chocolate bar on the planet.

While Almond Joy is the best, it's not the biggest.  With annual sales over $2 billion, Snickers is the top selling candy in the world.  Considering the global impact of their brand, Snickers deserves the title of the world's "most influential" candy bar.