I had the privilege to set up sound for an amazing event held at the Peter Yegen Golf Course on June 17, 2016.

The 3rd Annual Landon's Legacy Foundation Golf Tournament. I saw many familiar faces and met a lot of amazing humans from our City Of Billings. We really do have some extremely caring people that surround us on a daily basis.

I got the goose bumps when found out what type of event I was providing sound for. Marcie Smith, the President of Landon's Legacy Foundation and Mother of Landon was truly inspiring to meet. Greg Kemmis was an amazing person to meet also. As part of the Golf Committee, he orchestrated the Awards Ceremony of the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament. Marcie's goal, amongst many others, is to bring about Landon's dream, that no child should have to watch life from the sidelines "just because their legs don't work". As I did a little research at www.landonslegacy.com, I became inspired to help out their mission by providing sound for future events held by Landon's Legacy Foundation.

Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Please join their mission to bring the first integrated, adapted sports facilities to Billings, MT.

Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia
Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Please mail your tax deductible gift to:

Landon's Legacy Foundation, 3031 Grand Avenue #110 Billings, MT 59102

Thanks to the many who have donated their time and money to this amazing foundation. There will be more events to participate in and donate to this amazing cause. I will have more updates as events come closer to date.

Please check out www.landonslegacy.com