Inflation is starting to show its ugly face. As prices of everyday items continue to rise, we are beginning to take notice of our wallets. For wide open places like Montana, shipping of goods can make prices more expensive. Granted we are not as remote as Alaska or Hawaii, but there is a lot of ground to cover to deliver goods around Montana. Making things more expensive.

One thing that we eat practically everyday, pizza, is expensive in Montana. Compared to other states, Montana has an average price of pizza that is far beyond other states.

According to

Pizzerias, menus, and prices were collected from MenuWithPrice. Cheese pizza prices were derived from an average of pizzas of all sizes, named “plain pizza,” “cheese pizza,” or “margherita pizza.” Pepperoni prices were derived from pizza of all sizes that had pepperoni as the singular topping.

Due to the unstructured nature of the menu data, it wasn’t feasible to differentiate pizza prices by size of pizza, meaning that average prices reflect the prices of qualifying pizzas of all sizes. 

After crunching the numbers, it was clear that Montana has one of the the highest average prices for a CHEESE pizza.

Alaska $9.21

Montana $9.07

Oklahoma $9

Vermont $8.83

and Pennsylvania $8.72

the cheapest state for CHEESE pizza is surprisingly our neighbor North Dakota $6.64

As far as pepperoni pizza goes, Montana still ranks as one of the most expensive. With an average price of $12.14

The cheapest pepperoni pizzas can be found in Utah. With an average price of $6.49

But, it isn't a lack of pizzerias to blame, for Montana's high prices. Montana has an average of 25.8 pizza places per 100k people.

Find out more from the Pizza Index study here

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