You the readers have spoken: After a raucous opening round of voting, Motorhead and the Cars have made it to the semifinals in this month's Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame induction process. Now, they're going head-to-head to determine who makes it past the semifinals.

It wasn't really close for either band in Round One, but Motorhead made the more impressive showing, trouncing Talking Heads to the tune of nearly 77 percent of the vote. Given that we're talking about a band that rocks hard enough to physically wound its fans, this latest victory should come as no surprise, but we can't count out their competition in this matchup.

The Cars were no slouches in the opening round either, walloping Dire Straits with almost 66 percent of the fan-cast ballots. Like Talking Heads, the Cars occupy a spot closer to the New Wave end of the rock spectrum than the battering-ram sound perfected by Motorhead, but there's no arguing with success, and in terms of hit singles and record sales, there's no contest here; the Cars were the clear victors during both bands' peaks.

That's all well and good, but it may not hold much water with Ultimate Classic Rock readers, who are now called upon to determine which group makes it through the semifinals. You can cast your ballot once an hour between now and when voting ends on Sunday, July 20 at 11:59PM EST. The next inductee will be announced on Aug. 1. Be sure to read our official rules.


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