'Revolution' has yet to finish its first season (a week behind out of sensitivity to the Boston Bombings), but that hasn't stopped the post-apocalyptic hit NBC drama from looking toward its super-charged second season. 'Revolution' season 2 has already begun casting new characters for its fall 2013 debut, so how would you like an early sneak peek at the upcoming players?

NBC guaranteed 'Revolution' a second season well in advance of either the Upfronts or the J.J. Abrams-produced drama's first season finale, but now we're staring to learn of some major season 2 characters kicking off the casting process. Via SpoilerTV, we've learned of four new recurring roles for 'Revolution' season 2, as well as a fifth that could move forward as a series regular. See for yourself:

Possible Series Regular

Gene : No-Nonsense Doctor in his 60's

Recurring Guest Stars

Cynthia : Beautiful 30's something mother to a young teenage boy.

Annabeth : Late 30's Femme Fatale. Hard core capitalist who runs a settlement

Titus : Intelligent, Devious and a little weird. Ex-Professor

Sheriff Gray : Good looking and likable, team player in his 30's

Meanwhile, details remain light on 'Revolution's first season finale "The Dark Tower," though its a safe bet Miles and Rachel will have their hands full, with a plot description that reads "the rebels suffer a major loss when they infiltrate the Tower. Miles' leadership skills and feelings for Nora and Rachel are also put to test; Aaron's genius proves beneficial; and Neville and Flynn give new meaning to evil."

You can check out a preview of Monday's 'Revolution' finale below, and give us your predictions for season 2 and beyond in the comments!