Journey guitarist Neal Schon and reality-TV celebrity Michaele Salahi have invited family, friends and 90 millions guests to their upcoming wedding. They've also announced "a surprise special guest" for the nuptials, which will be broadcast as a pay-per-view event.

But don't get too excited about that "special guest," especially if you're thinking it has something to do with a reunion featuring platinum-era Journey singer Steve Perry, who hasn't recorded with the band since 1996's 'Trial by Fire.' But that certainly would make shelling out $14.95 a little easier, right?

"It's not Steve Perry," Schon told TMZ in a LaGuardia Airport interview. "It's definitely not Steve Perry, like they were saying it was."

A portion of the proceeds from the event, which will feature a band performance and the debut of a new song by the current lineup of Journey, will go toward a charity aimed at disaster relief for the Philippines. The band is now fronted by Arnel Pineda, a native of that typhoon-strafed country.

Schon and Salahi -- a villain on the reality series 'Real Housewives of D.C.,' but best known as a White House party crasher -- will be married on Dec. 15 at the Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco. This will be the fifth marriage for Schon, 59, who has five children.

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