Pundits and industry observers have been prematurely predicting the death of radio for decades now.  Yet, somehow, the good ole fashioned, trusty AM/FM radio receiver remains the most popular, and preferred, entertainment option for people in their cars.

According to a new survey from the global research company Ipsos, in spite of portable music players, online music streaming services, satellite radio and other content providers, 84% of adults still listen to local radio when they're driving.

In fact, more people still use the radio than all of the available subscription services combined.  22% of those surveyed listen to satellite radio, followed by Pandora and Spotify with 18% and 7%, respectively.

What's more, people seem to like it that way.  99% of the people surveyed say they are "comfortable" with their traditional radio dashboard set-ups. And an overwhelming 91% of respondents said they would rather use their built in car radios than listen to their favorite stations on a mobile app.

This research certainly doesn't mean that the number of in-car entertainment options will decrease.  However, as Ipsos VP of Media Thomas Spinelli stated, "The in-car AM/FM radio is still a universally known audio platform -- and its ease of use, convenience, features and familiarity continue to make it a top consumer choice for in-car audio.  This study shows that the consumer isn't replacing existing services and products with new ones; instead, they want them all -- making the car even more music-enabled with a number of choices at any given time."

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