It's not just because I was up at 2:36 this morning. But, it was one of the first things that I saw on Facebook. There was the story about the police checkpoint on Billings' West End on Tuesday.

Comments ranged from things, like, "It's illegal for them to stop you for no reas" to a couple of "doughnut" jokes.

Are you kidding me?

Dear selfish citizens of Billings, sometimes you may be inconvenienced by law enforcement to make sure that you are legal to drive on our streets. Driving is a privilege, and in my opinion, one that is too easily attainable.

Cops tell me that more than half of the motorists on our roads are uninsured. Not to mention the people who are on drugs, drunk or have outstanding warrants. As far as the no insurance tickets, I wish people had to walk home when they couldn't produce proof of insurance, instead of just being ticketed.

You want results? Make the consequences more severe.