Dylan Ayer, TSM


I love meat, I mean LOVE meat!  It's second only to boys and beer.  Feel kind of like a fool, considering this weekend was the first time I've ever had any Ranch House Sausage Company products.

These sausages pictured above are the best thing ever.  Kraut Brats, fanstatic.   If you love kraut like I do, wait until you try these.  Ok, I'm hooked now, will definitely hit these guys up again next week at the Yellowstone Valley Farmer's Market.

You've probably been eating Ranch House Sausages for years.  What should I try next?  So much great local food to be found at the farmer's market.  But get there early.  People don't wait until 10am to go.  There were quite a few people there when I got there at 8:30am Saturday morning.