Make yourselves comfortable, Rush fans: It's going to be a while before the band starts thinking about making its next move.

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee talked about Rush's current status during a recent visit to the Sound Opinions podcast, telling hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis that — as has been the case between projects in recent years — they're enjoying the luxury of taking time off before getting the band back in gear.

"I think right now we don't have any plans for anything," said Lifeson (via Rush Is a Band). "Keep in mind that we had a year and a half off after the Clockwork Angels Tour. We didn't talk about anything to do with the band in a year and a half. I think we're just in a stage now where we're just kind of taking some time, reconnecting with our families and friends and pursuing some other interests, and having some fun really. I know Geddy and I love writing together. We've been doing it since we were young teenagers. I'd like to think that we'll do it until we're very old men instead of just 'mostly' old men."

Drummer Neil Peart's desire to give up the touring life has been a major topic among Rush fans, with the group's R40 tour billed as their last large-scale outing and rumors of Peart's retirement making the rounds. Following up on Lifeson's comments, Lee admitted that Peart's state of mind will have a major impact on whatever the group decides to do next.

"For Neil it's become too hard. And that's a phrase he likes to use," said Lee. "To play for three hours, to play the way we feel is being 'Rush' — the way Rush plays a three-hour show — that's very complicated. That has taken its physical toll on his body. During the course of any of the last few tours he's gone through periods that he's having problems. Whether it's tendonitis or whether it's some other thing. So I think for him it's enough. He can't go through all that again. That's gonna dictate obviously what performing live is going to mean for Rush. And whether that happens or not I can't really say at this point."

"Neil's in a great headspace now. He's really enjoying his life and feels great," added Lifeson. "He's spending a lot of time with his daughter and his family. And doing the things that he loves to do, with his health intact. That's a very positive thing."

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