I have been so distracted by what is happening in the world around us lately that until yesterday, I totally forgot that today (3/19) is the beginning of Spring. When I noticed it on the calendar, I physically felt my body actually relax a tiny bit. If it weren't for the whole "social distancing" thing going on right now - and my budget - I would be booking appointments with my massage therapist weekly.

But you know what? Eventually life will get back to normal. Maybe in a week or two, maybe a month or so... but eventually we can return to doing what we all do. I'm hoping when it does, we've learned some basic kindness and consideration to our fellow mankind.

Since you can't go to bars or restaurants right now and avoiding crowds of 10 or more is highly encouraged, here are some things you could do this weekend to enjoy spring that involve very little contact with people:

  1. Have a bonfire or fire pit with your family. You live with them already, so no worries about other peoples germs. Turn off your phones, light a fire and drink some beers.
  2. Go fishing. Make sure you've purchased your license for 2020 and head out to the river. Spring fishing is usually excellent before we get into run-off. Like they say, "even a bad day of fishing is better than being quarantined in your house."
  3. Work on the house/yard. It'll help take your mind off things, and you know you need to do it anyway. Your dog will thank you for picking up a winters worth of dog crap.
  4. Go for a hike. It's obviously still pretty snowy in the high country, but other than a little mud, local spots like Sportsman's, Riverfront Park, Sundance Recreation Area, etc. are all great places to get some fresh air and hang with nature a bit.
  5. Window shop real estate. When I was a kid we'd pile in the car on Sundays after church and go for drives. My parents loved to window shop properties that were for sale. Even if you are not in the market to buy a new house, it's fun to look and dream. Get a list homes that are for sale in Billings and drive by.
  6. Watch airplanes at the airport. Hit a drive thru or pick up something to-go from one of our local restaurants, park at that little parking area on top of the Rims and watch the planes coming and going. Kids like it or if it's just you and your spouse, make it a date and talk about all the places you'd like to travel when all this coronavirus stuff is over.

If you have any other fun, "socially distanced" things to do to celebrate spring, share them with us in the Comments or download the free Hawk Mobile App (below) and tap the Message Us button. Happy Spring!