What Airlines Serve Alcohol — For Free?
There is nothing quite like being catapulted 40,000 feet into the air and feeling the effects of a high pressure, high altitude beer buzz while being shuttled at top speed across the great American skies.
Inventor Blows Roof Off Home Trying To Brew Vodka
We’ve heard of basement beer brewing and home wine making but never experiments involving the creation of a bootleg vodka. Maybe because the whole process could be damn dangerous in the hands of amateurs. The Daily Mail explains how an inventor in a South Wales village blew the roof off of his home while messing with his vodka distilling equipment. “Law ...
Britain May Increase Recommendations for Healthy Alcohol Consumption
The Commons Science and Technology Committee in the United Kingdom is considering increasing its guidelines for healthy alcohol consumption, which currently state men shouldn’t routinely drink more than four units of alcohol a day — about two pints of beer — and women should limit themselves to three units — a large glass of wine. Doctors have cast doubts on the recommendations, put in place by th