Billings First Responder's Appreciation Day 8/22
The inaugural First Responder's Appreciation Day is on the calendar for August 22. The event features a variety of fun activities and funds raised will help provide "items of comfort" (i.e. stuffed animals, blankets, etc) for kids who encounter law enforcement, EMT's and the fire department during difficult circumstances.
BPD Disciplinary Problem
Before coming forward as one of three Billings police officers recently disciplined for sexual encounters on city property, former officer Paul LaMantia had been the subject of several complaints. LaMantia was first disciplined in 2009, after roughly five months on the job, and his disciplinary citations stacked up...
BPD Officers Identified, One Resigns
Q2 reports a Billings police officer– previously investigated for assaulting a Laurel police officer, disciplined for leaving a transient couple in a remote area and sued for injuring a bystander during a 2012 foot chase– has also been identified as one of the three officers who had sex with a civilian city employee on city property...
BPD Officers in Sex Scandal May Be Named in 2 Days
Q2 reports the names of three Billings police officers– disciplined for job and workplace-related sexual encounters with a city employee– should be released, but will remain private for at least two more days. District Judge Donald Harris ruled Monday that he would allow a temporary restraining order to stand for another 48 hours, to give the officers’ legal counsel time to formulate and document