Eddie Van Halen Auctioning Signed Guitar For Charity
We still don’t know when we’ll hear him play guitar again, but Eddie Van Halen is putting at least one of his axes to good use right now: he’s offering it up for auction, with the proceeds going to benefit the Drop in the Bucket charity — and the winner walking away with a true one-of-a-kind instrum…
Paul Rodgers Releases Charity Single on His Birthday
After spending decades as one of the most recognizable voices in rock — and selling millions of albums along the way — Paul Rodgers is probably a pretty difficult guy to shop for. But you don’t need to worry about getting the former Free, Bad Company, and Queen frontman anything for his birthday thi…
Hope For Aaliyah
A year or so ago I was talked into dragging my fat ass off the couch and to the YMCA. It was a horrible experience save one thing. Two of the instructors were so fun and personable that it gave me a reason to go the second day. In effect these two people may have saved my life.