How About The Animals?
Do you like cats, dogs, birds?  Everyone has their favorite.  We have young nieces and nephews come over to the house all the time.  They love our birds in the cage.  They want to talk to them, feed them and visit with them.  I don't have the heart to tell them that the…
If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a lap dog. Sound dog, Daisy, and my dog, Lena, have it made. If there is such a thing I wanna be loved like these gals and get treated as well as they do.
Autumn Needs a Forever Home
This girl is awesome!  Meet Autumn, very smart and loving.  When she first got the station is crawled right into my lap.  She would make a great family dog, she's not sure about cats yet.  Maybe she just needs to meet your kitty?
The Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has a sp…
Dogs and Fireworks, Keep Them Safe
I definitely have a inner pyro!  I love blowing stuff up on the 4th of July.  Who doesn't!?  It's not as much fun for our furry friends.
Went to the website Ceaser's Way to find a good list of refreshers.  Not that you don't already know that your dog hates fir…
Two Dogs Die in Morning Fire
An early-morning fire Sunday injured an occupant, killed two dogs and caused $1,000 in damage to small back yard shed and killed two dogs, according to Assistant Fire Marshal Bill Tatum.
Hiking with Your Dog
Yet another question from the new girl.  Love to hike and I love to take my large dog Conan.  Where are the best places to hike in the area?  And where are the most pet-friendly places.
Let's keep in mind I'm in OK shape.  Can't run a marathon or scale a mountain...

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