How Drunk is Billings?
Roadsnacks recently published a list of the Ten Drunkest Cities In Montana and, not surprisingly, Billings ranked pretty high. The list is not based on criminal data or alcohol sales, but rather these five criteria: Bars per capita Wineries per capita Liquor stores per capita Drunk related tweets within the last week Divorce rate Keep in mind that, as a state, Montana ranks 6th in the U... Read
Raccoon passes breathalyzer
Most Montanans are smart enough not to drink and drive, but statewide the statistics are grim. Anytime we have a story involving a drunken driver injuring or killing someone, many residents speak up and demand the maximum punishment possible...
How To Carry A Drunk
We've all been there: you go out for a night on the town and one of your buddies ties one (dozen) on, leaving you in charge of getting him home. Easier said than done. Until now.
Drunken Florida Man Has Best Mug Shot Ever
Since no one takes a pretty mug shot, why not make it a memorable one? That seems to have been the line of thought for a man from Florida (of course) who channeled Gene Simmons as officers held his head in place to take his booking photo.
Nicolas Cage Arrested, Bailed Out by Dog the Bounty Hunter
Talk about a bizarre chain of events: Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage was arrested early Saturday morning in New Orleans on charges of public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and domestic abuse battery. The arrest stemmed from an argument Cage had with his wife, Alice, about the location of the house they were renting. According to a statement from the New Orleans Police Department, "Cage a
Last Week’s Best Viral Videos: Talking Babies, Drunk Dials and More
It was another big week for viral videos, in which the Internet introduced us to everything from an embarrassing drunk dial, to a proposal on live television to a brand-new music video from superstar Katy Perry. We also saw a few baby videos go viral, both good and bad. The good: a so-cute-its-adorable video of two twin babies having a conversation, which launched into a popular Internet trend. Th
Montana Rep. Alan Hale Defends Drunk Driving [VIDEO]
Montana Republican Congressman Alan Hale is apparently courting a new (and hopefully small) group of voters: drunk drivers. Yep, this week, Hale actually argued against a new House Bill that according to the Missoulian would allow courts in Montana to "look back to impaired driving offenses up to 10 years old when someone is being punished for a drunk-driving charge, a change from the current
DWI Offender Drinks Beer in Court
Keith Gruber of Swan Lake, NY, was an hour and a half late for his 10:30 AM pretrial felony DWI hearing in Sullivan County Court. It would have probably been best if the 49-year-old didn't show up at all. That's because Gruber stumbled into the proceeding while swigging on an open can of Busch beer...