Gainan's Roses for Kids Fundraiser
Gainan's kicked off their 11th annual "Roses for Kids" fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of Yellowstone County. Buy one or two dozen bouquets of roses and they'll make a donation with each purchase, now through the end of August.
10 Tips to Keep Pets Safe
You probably already know this about me. I have a large rescue dog named Conan. My big boy weights in at 110 pounds, so when he gets sick, it's like Armageddon at the house. He's not a small dog. Whether it's puke or poo, it's a nightmare...
Gainan's delivers for sir elton
Sir Elton John will be enveloped an array of perfectly designed red and white roses -- and resting on a specially-sized couch during his stop in Billings on Wednesday. Gainan's confirmed Tuesday that it has been selected to fulfill the floral order, which includes a vase, 2 feet to 3 feet tall, filled with fresh-colored flowers...