Yellowstone County, One of the Most Armed Counties in U.S.A.
It is no secret that Montana is home to a plethora of guns, but did you know that Yellowstone County is one of the most heavily armed counties in the United States, according to BroBible, a news, information and entertainment website.
In fact, it ranked 14th in the top 30 most-armed counties in the n…
Firepower At The Flea Market
When I was a kid, I loved going to the flea market on the weekend. Seemingly endless tables of junk you just couldn't find in the stores. It's where I bought my first throwing star, nunchucks, and butterfly knife. For a 12-year-old, these are some highly sophisticated weapons...
Kentucky Gun Shop Declares Itself "Muslim-Free Zone"
A Southern Kentucky Gun Shop has posted a sign declaring it is a "Muslim-Free Zone". Shop owners say this was prompted by the recent shooting rampage which claimed the lives of four Marines and a Sailor in Chattanooga.
So far, the residents of Whitesburg haven't started a "Not In Our…

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