Money Time Today
The candidates and political observers say there aren't many undecided voters left in the race after a record amount topping $67 million was spent to influence their choice.
Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth $700 million.  Online Lotto says some people rub their lottery tickets on the bellies of pregnant women in hopes it will bring them good luck.  Some people wear their luck underwear when buying their Powerball tickets.  I...
A hungry child and 60 cents
For most of you that truly know me, I generally don't rant on social media or in my blog very often. However, today will be a little different.
Let me ask this question: If your child attends classes in School District 2 and they eat hot lunch, would you be upset or confused if the lunch la…
$10,000 To Pay Your Bills
November is a great month to stay tuned to the Hawk for free money. Not only do you have 2 shots every weekday to win 1,000 bucks, but Hawk VIP's can get in to win $10,000 to pay your bills. I don't care how many X-Wives you have, $10,000 should be enough to give you some breathing room fo…

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